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Flood Insurance

Many residents around the U.S. have some general misconceptions of what flood insurance is, and how it works. At M8 Insurance we think it’s important you know how flood insurance works, and why you may want to consider it a necessity.

Flood Insurance Basics

Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters. There’s nowhere completely free of the threat of a flood event.

Utah and numerous states sit on many miles of a floodplain. That means there’s always a possibility of some flooding occurring in or around your property. Understand that even a minuscule amount of flooding in a home can lead to a tremendous amount of damage.

Flooding can come from storms, dam and levee breaks, municipal water work operations, and various other sources. Even snow melting can cause flooding.

How flood insurance can help

Flood insurance can cover physical damage to your properties, structures on your property, and your possessions if they receive damage in a flood event. There are different options when it comes to choosing a flood insurance plan.

Typically, one part of the plan will cover your home up to a certain amount. Another part will cover your possessions up to the policy limits.

Home Insurance Polices Rarely Include Flood Insurance

Many people assume their home insurance will cover certain types of flood damage. Some actually can, but you have to make sure you know exactly what kind of flood damage your policy may cover.

Flood insurance isn’t typically included in home insurance. It’s usually a separate policy you can pick up from your insurer or another insurance company.

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Sometimes, a mortgage lender may require you to obtain flood insurance if you live in an area FEMA lists as high-risk for flooding. If you live in Utah or one of the many other states we cover, you should certainly consider flood insurance.

Even if you don’t live in an area considered high-risk for flooding, you can still find yourself in a flood event. Call or visit M8 Insurance in our main office in West Jordan to discuss adding a flood insurance policy for your property.


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