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Motorcycle Insurance

M8 Insurance is a leading insurance agency around the U.S. that can help you find a motorcycle insurance policy for your needs. Our team of experts work with various insurance companies around the nation that offer motorcycle policies in almost every state. You can get a no-obligation quote by contacting us or by completing our simple online rating tool form if you are looking for online quotes on home and auto insurance.

We work with different insurance companies to give you comparable coverage because each of the insurance providers have their own considerations when issuing motorcycle policies to clients. That is why we are your partner in all your motorcycle insurance needs. Some of the factors that form a basis for issuance of motorcycle policy include:

  • Driving record
  • Credit History
  • Your Age and Address
  • Number of Drivers
  • The Type of Motorcycle

Motorcycle Insurance

Many of the motorcycle policies offered by insurance companies in cities around the U.S. have a close resemblance to auto insurance, which mainly covers bodily injury and property damage liability. As a motorcycle rider, protection against these risks isn’t enough. You need to look for extra coverage for medical payments, comprehensive, and collision coverage. Uninsured motorists can also be important in case you are injured by an individual who is not insured or someone with insufficient insurance to cater for your injury expenses.

Insurance providers sometimes offer attractive discounts that have a potential of significantly lowering your premiums. However, they might set particular conditions that are to be met by clients to qualify for the discounts. The criteria for getting discounts may include:

  • Taking more than one policy from the company
  • Safety courses training of the client
  • Renewals
  • Insuring two or more motorcycles

No matter the type of motorcycle insurance you are looking for, come to M8 Insurance. We strive to give you the policy you deserve. You can find our main office in West Jordan, UT or call to find our where the nearest office is in your state.


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