Flood Insurance: all you need to know

Floods are spontaneous, and their effects are mostly disastrous. In most instances, many people find it hard to recover financially from flood damage. However, this is much easier with a flood insurance policy in place. A flood insurance policy covers you against loss and damage to property from flooding. Flood insurance covers the structure and the contents, but not the land your home sits on. It is important to note that homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage and one needs to take up a flood insurance policy to gain coverage.

What flood insurance covers

Home flood insurance

This covers the physical structure of your home against flood damage. The policy covers plumbing, electrical work, heating systems, and furnaces. 

Personal property flood insurance

Sometimes floods can destroy personal possessions inside your home. These items include clothing, furniture, curtains, beddings, and portable appliances. This policy cushions you against the loss or damage of such items and any other personal property that is damaged. 

Why choose M8 Insurance as your flood insurance provider?

Experienced agents

Our agents have worked in the insurance industry for years and possess the necessary expertise in the field. As such, they will guide you on the terms of each policy and help you decide on the best coverage. 

Tailor-made flood insurance policies

We have designed our policies to match the needs of Salt Lake City, UT residents and those in various states. You can, therefore, rest assured that our flood insurance policy will be perfect for your home. 

At M8 Insurance, we offer flood insurance solutions to our esteemed clients in Salt Lake City, UT and around the country. We aim at providing a tailor-made coverage that meets your flood insurance needs. Kindly visit our website for more information and to obtain a quote.