Protecting Your Home with Home Insurance

Buying and moving into a new home can be an overwhelming experience.  One easy task that will give you peace of mind is protecting it with home insurance.  When most homeowners think about insurance, they first think of the potential for fire or severe weather damage.  The truth is, a homeowner’s policy goes beyond that. In the Salt Lake City, UT area, the agents at M8 Insurance work with homeowners to put the right coverage in place. 

Protecting your home with insurance is also financial protection.  The policy will cover the home but also everything inside of it.  This includes furniture, clothing, housewares, and electronics, for instance.  Not only does the policy cover items in the home but also when they are damaged or stolen outside of the home.  For example, if your son’s laptop is stolen at the library, it is still covered.  The liability coverage in the policy will provide for the medical expenses and legal fees of anyone injured on the property due to your negligence.  Without liability coverage, the outcome could be financially devastating. 

Any structures on the property will also be covered.  Storage sheds, gazebos, and fences, for example, are protected.  Understand though, while this is a lot of coverage, the policy won’t cover flood damage.  It will cover water damage from a broken pipe but not from a natural disaster.  Your agent can help you understand your home’s flood risk.

In the Salt Lake City, UT area, our agents at M8 Insurance can help you address your home coverage needs.  Get started by perusing the information on our website.  Then contact us for more information.  We’ll provide you with the best options so that you can make an informed decision.  A new home is the result of your hard work.  Make sure it’s protected!  Call today!