Protecting Your Classic Motorcycle with Insurance

Owning a classic motorcycle is a unique experience in Salt Lake City, UT. Not only are you taking care of a piece of history, but there’s also a certain pride in owning and riding one of these amazing machines. But what happens when something goes wrong? Does classic motorcycle insurance exist? In this post, M8 Insurance explains.

What Is Classic Motorcycle Insurance? 

Classic motorcycle insurance is designed for owners of "classic" motorcycles, which usually means older models that are no longer in production or have been customized significantly from their original state. This type of insurance typically covers parts and labor related to the repair or replacement of your bike and any legal fees associated with an accident. It also provides coverage for damage caused by vandalism, fire, theft, or other natural disasters. 

Do I Need Specialized Coverage for My Classic Motorcycle? 

It depends on your specific circumstances and needs. Generally speaking, however, if you own a classic motorcycle, specialized coverage may be beneficial because standard policies don’t usually cover antique or vintage models that require more specialized parts or labor for repairs or replacements. Additionally, standard policies may not provide enough coverage for damage caused by vandalism or theft—which could be very costly if left uncovered. 

Whether you’re an experienced rider looking to insure an older model bike or simply someone who loves classic motorcycles and wants to protect their investment, finding the right kind of insurance can make all the difference when it comes time to make repairs or replace parts due to an accident or other unforeseen circumstance. If you live in Salt Lake City, UT, and own a classic motorcycle, contact M8 Insurance today! We’ll get you set up with the right insurance policy.