Ways to Protect Your RV When You Aren’t Using It

Your RV is a huge investment, and you need to protect at all times, even when you put it in storage or won’t be using it for a few months. At M8 Insurance, the agents are available to help Salt Lake City, UT residents reduce their risk of financial loss while their RV is in storage. We can give you tips on how to winterize your RV and other storage tips that will help you keep your RV safe and sound all year long. 

Winterize the Plumbing

If you live in an area where the pipes could freeze, you will want to drain the plumbing and make sure a non-toxic anti-freeze is flushed through the system.  This will remove as much of the moisture as possible and keep your pipes from freezing.

Store it Inside If Possible

If you live near a large storage facility, it may be worth the cost to store your RV inside one of their buildings. This will reduce the risk of any type of wind or hail damage and may also protect it from mice and other rodents.

Keep It Locked

Whether you store your RV in a locked storage facility or on your property. Always keep it locked. This will not only reduce your risk of theft but will also prevent children and other unwanted individuals from gaining access and tearing up the inside.

Salt Lake City, UT residents can get the RV insurance they need by calling M8 Insurance and talking to one of our reputable agents. Contact our office today and make an appointment to learn more, no matter what state you live in! You will be glad you made the call!