What is covered by aviation insurance?

Many businesses use private, small aircraft in their operation. Individuals own small aircraft to fly for recreation or to travel by air without undertaking the hassle of using a commercial airline. In any event, these aircraft must be insured against both liability and damage. 

Aviation insurance covers most types of private planes, including vintage aircraft and even seaplanes, explains M8 Insurance, serving Salt Lake City, UT. Private aircraft owners are obliged to carry specific insurance because standard property insurance does not cover the types of legal claims that can arise out of owning and operating private aircraft.

No standard aviation insurance policy exists. However, private aircraft owners, whether a business or an individual, are obliged to carry liability insurance in case of mishaps, such as crashes or emergency landings. Such coverage would cover the injury or death of passengers and people who happen to be on the ground during a crash, as well as property damage.

An aviation insurance policy can also cover damage to the aircraft, whether while in operation or while stored in a hanger. Other costs that might be covered by a policy may include those incurred during an emergency landing and during a search and rescue operation if the aircraft goes down in a remote area.

What is covered by an aviation insurance policy and how much the premiums cost largely depends on what kind of aircraft is being insured. It should be noted that home-built aircraft tend to be more expensive to insure than those that are purchased.

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