3 Reasons to Reconsider Your Commercial Insurance Policy

Your commercial insurance is an important part of your business, even if you likely have a tendency to ignore it on a daily basis. But you may want to think about how your policy affects your business now rather than later on. M8 Insurance has been helping owners in Salt Lake City, UT get the coverage they need for many years, and we don’t want to see anyone left high and dry in the case of an unexpected event. 

1. Neighborhoods Change 

Neighborhoods aren’t static from year to year (or even month to month). Yet it’s not always easy to see the changes when you interact with the same location and street day after day. If your neighborhood is starting to see more crime though, you may want to increase your coverage to fit the risks. 

2. Business Interruption

Your commercial insurance policy may cover floods in Salt Lake City, UT, but will it cover your income if you have to close for several months for repairs? Business interruption insurance is there to provide you with income (based on past revenue) in case you’re unable to keep your business open. 

3. A Quality Partner 

Do you feel comfortable calling your business insurance company and asking questions about your policy? Do you know if you’ll get the right answers even if you do contact them? If you’re not confident in your insurance company, you may not be as proactive as you should be — which can lead to trouble down the road. 

M8 Insurance wants to help business owners get a grip on their policy, so they don’t have to fear the future. If you have questions or are thinking of changing or renewing your coverage, call today to get the answers you need.