The Importance of Reexamining Your Boat Insurance Before Boating Season

At M8 Insurance, serving the greater Salt Lake City, UT area and beyond, we strongly recommend that every boat owner pull out their boat insurance policy and look it over carefully before boating season starts for the year. This can be done on your own or with the assistance of a great insurance agent. There are many reasons why we recommend doing this.

Here are three of the reasons why it is critical to take a look at your boat insurance before boating season. 

Reminds You Whether Your Boat is Covered

Some policies allow you to pause your boat insurance water coverage when your boat is stored for the winter. Unfortunately, many people forget their policy is paused until they have been in an accident on the waterways. Reading over your policy will remind you if your coverage is paused and allow you to reinstate it. 

Ensures You Have the Right Coverage Amounts

The value of your boat goes up or down each year. As such, the coverage you need changes yearly. Looking over your policy before you take your boat out on the waterway gives you the chance to update your policy based on the value of your boat. 

Gives You Time to Make Changes

The last reason why you will want to reexamine your boat insurance policy before boating season is that it gives you time to make policy changes before you hit the water. Policy changes are not always effective immediately. It can take time. So pulling out your policy ahead of time ensures your policy changes are active by the time you do hit the water. 

Before you take your boat out on the waterways, there are many things you need to do, including getting your boat ready. At the same time, pull out your boat insurance policy and ensure you have the coverage and levels you need. If you need to make any changes to your boat policy or are looking to buy a new one, please contact M8 Insurance, serving the greater Salt Lake City UT area and beyond. We can help you by looking at your policy and ensure you have the coverage you need no matter where you live in the U.S.