3 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Boat Insurance Over The Winter

When you’re fortunate enough to own a boat in Salt Lake City, UT, you want to make sure that it’s protected year-round. While you’re probably not going to go boating in the dead of winter, that’s no reason to get rid of your boat insurance. At M8 Insurance, we’re here to tell you why you should keep it.

Protect Your Investment

You want to make sure that your boat is protected. If something happens to it when it’s not in use, you want to know that you can call the insurance company and file a claim. This ensures that the insurance takes care of the details for you.

Avoid Out of Pocket Expenses

Even though the boat may not be in the water, it can still get damaged. It may get damaged while it’s in dry dock. Someone could vandalize it, and it may even get stolen.

If you get rid of your insurance policy in the winter months, you would be financially responsible for any damages – and this can add up to a significant amount of money.

Ensure It’s Protected Where It’s Stored

Since there’s no way of knowing what could happen to your boat in Salt Lake City, UT, the best thing to do is get a policy that covers all of the worst-case scenarios. Make sure that your policy is built so that it protects your boat wherever you choose to store it over the winter. Talk to your insurance agent about riders that can be added to the policy for further protection, too.

At M8 Insurance, we’re here to help you protect your boat in the winter, and all year long. Call us today to speak to one of our insurance agents. We’ll make sure that you know why you should have coverage throughout all 12 months of the year.