When should you review your home insurance

If you are a homeowner, you realize how important home insurance is to your peace of mind. If you have a mortgage, you won’t have a choice; you will need to have home insurance. At M8 Insurance in Salt Lake City, UT, we are an independent insurance agency, meaning we work for our customers, not one insurance carrier. We offer more choices that allow us to find just the proper coverage. 


Every year when you renew your home insurance, you receive either a paper or a digital copy of your policy. The first page is the declaration page. This outlines your coverage clearly and concisely so that you can quickly look and see what you are paying for and what coverage you have. 

You can see the amount of liability coverage you have, the amount the physical building and outbuilding are insured for, and how much your content coverage is. Remember that the coverage for the physical building is not what you could sell it for; it doesn’t include your land; it is the cost to rebuild your house if it is lost. Check any riders that you have to your policy and also ensure you are getting any discounts you are eligible for. 


If you have made a major renovation to your home that has increased its value, it is essential to let your insurance agent know. Let your agent know if you have replaced your roof or installed a home security system. Let your agent know if you have installed a trampoline and acquired a dog. When you make changes to your home, it can affect the coverage you need. 

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