When Can You Claim Motorcycle Insurance?

Riding a motorcycle comes with its share of benefits and risks. For instance, having a motorbike offers you the much-needed convenience especially if you are living in areas with sparse parking spaces. However, riding a motorcycle in Salt Lake City, UT can also be dangerous and life-threatening hence the need for motorcycle insurance.

Although most people who own motorcycles purchase a motorcycle insurance policy, they don’t know when to file a claim. Your policy covers a wide range of risks that you should be aware of. So, when can you file a claim for your motorcycle insurance?

When You Are Involved in an Accident

This is the most common scenario that can make you file a claim. You will need to repair the damage caused to your motorbike after the accident and settle the hospital bill. Your insurance comes in handy since it covers such costs. The first thing that you do after the accident is to seek medical attention if needed. 

If you are involved in a severe road accident, make sure that you are safely off the road and then call the emergency number before you do anything else. Document everything and do not place blame or admit that you are the one at fault. Keep in mind that there may be other factors involved in the accident that you may not have seen.

When Your Motorcycle Is Stolen

Motorcycles have become easy prey for professional thieves due to their portability. Unlike a car, it’s easy to move a bike away even without having an ignition key. As long as your policy offers comprehensive coverage, make sure you file a claim with M8 Insurance when your motorbike is stolen. A comprehensive policy protects your motorcycle against theft. However, call the police first before you start the process of filing motorcycle theft claim.

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