What does my renters insurance cover?

If you rent in Salt Lake City, UT, you may not be aware of all the protections renters insurance can offer. Even though the property itself will be insured by the property owner, your landlord’s insurance will not cover the loss of your personal possessions in the event of a fire, burglary, or other events like vandalism. When you own furniture, clothing, appliances, and other items, it can be difficult to replace them all at once. A renters insurance policy from M8 Insurance can protect you from that kind of loss.

Your renter’s insurance policy will cover all the kinds of belongings listed above, up to the stated policy limits. If you own something particularly valuable, like stereo equipment or jewelry, you may want to purchase a policy with a higher limit or get an umbrella policy that will cover large losses.

Renters insurance doesn’t just help you replace your lost or damaged items; it can also protect you if someone who is visiting your property is injured and sues you. While sometimes the owner will be responsible, the renter may also be found responsible depending on the circumstances. If your rental is damaged to the point that you cannot live there, your renter’s insurance policy can help pay for you to find a place to live. Your coverage will pay for reasonable alternative living arrangements so that you have a place to stay temporarily.

A renters insurance policy in Salt Lake City, UT is less expensive than most people imagine it to be because it will cover only the personal possessions of the renter. If you would like to talk about insurance for yourself or a loved one, please contact M8 Insurance.