Winterizing Your Motorcycle

If you have not already winterized your bike by mid-November, get to it. Winterizing your bike protects it from the wear and tear that cold weather can cause. This can reduce the number of claims you need to make to M8 Insurance.

You probably will not want to ride in the snow and cold of a Salt Lake City, UT winter. You need to store your motorcycle. An indoor, heated garage provides the ideal location.

Before you park it for the winter in its toasty spot, ride it until the tank nears empty. Fill the tank with fresh gas and add a gas stabilizer to the tank.

Change the engine oil and oil filter, or take it for a service visit to have this done for you. This removes contaminants that could damage the crankcase. Engine oil becomes acidic as it ages, causing damage to engine gaskets and seals. 

Drive your bike home and park it in its winter home. Take the battery out. Store it separately on a battery tender and adding the correct amount of distilled water to it.

Check the tire pressure on the bike. Inflate the tires to the appropriate PSI. Also, check the chain – sprockets and lubrication, the brake pads, and the engine air filter.

Give it a bath. Clean your bike with warm soapy water. Rinse. Dry. Wax the bike. Polish the chrome and treat the seat with a leather protector.

Cover your motorcycle with a motorcycle cover to provide added protection from animals, moisture, and dust. Although you have parked it indoors, small animals such as mice and squirrels can still burrow into the garage and nest near or on your motorbike. Covering it simply provides an added layer of protection.

Contact M8 Insurance serving Salt Lake City, UT for information on motorcycle care. You can also count on us for motorcycle insurance that protects your bike and your financial liability.