Covering an unconventional auto

A problem faced by many Salt Lake City, UT drivers: Your car is a little… unconventional.

If you drive a custom car or you’ve built yourself a food truck or something similar, how do you get that covered under an insurance policy with M8 Insurance? You can’t just write down the make and model on your application, right?

Luckily, the process might be easier than you think it is. If you drive an exotic car, a rare sports car, or something of the sort, then you can just call M8 Insurance and see if they can connect you with an appropriate policy in order to get covered.

If what you drive is a little weirder, on the other hand, the process still might be simpler than you’d suspect. Let’s say you’ve built yourself a small trailer that you’re going to launch a food truck business from. What you’ll need to do is get it to the DMV to have it registered and tagged like any other trailer, and then talk to your insurance provider once you’ve got that sorted.

With custom-built vehicles, you have to take it down to the DMV, you can’t just go in and buy your plate. They need to get a look at it, make sure it is road safe, and suitable for street legal use. Your insurer might ask to get a first-hand look at it too, which might limit your options as you’ll need to find someone within driving distance, and you might need to tow your custom vehicle there since you can’t drive it without coverage. But as long as your unconventional auto is road safe, the process isn’t so hard.

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