Tips for Your First Long Distance Motorcycle Road Trip

Your first long-distance motorcycle road trip can be an exciting experience, but it’s essential to be well-prepared. Whether you are traveling alone or with others, you’ll need to be prepared and organized before leaving your town to have a safe, fun trip. Traveling by motorcycle is different from traveling a long distance by car, so to help ensure your first motorcycle road trip is a success, M8 Insurance in Salt Lake City, UT has put together a few tips.

Protect Your Hearing

Riding a motorcycle means you don’t have a shield to sound while riding on the highway, and the highway can get extremely loud. So, when you leave the side roads and enter the highway, put in your earplugs to help prevent the extreme pressure on your ears. If you’re not particularly fond of earbuds, you can use headphones, or better yet wear a good, solid helmet.

Dress Appropriately

It is imperative that you dress properly while riding a motorcycle, especially on long road trips. The safest, most comfortable riding gear typically consists of long pants, a comfortable t-shirt, boots, and a helmet. You should also have a jacket handy to wear in case of rain or chilly weather.

Pack Light

The best luggage for motorcycles are saddlebags, which are easily attached from the back seat or the sides of the bike. You’ll need to pack as light as possible to avoid too much extra weight. It’s often easiest to make a list of what you’ll need for the entire trip and only pack the essential items. To help avoid taking up too much space in the saddlebags, instead of packing full-size personal items, consider using small, travel or sample size products and rolling your clothes instead of folding to take up less space.

As exciting as the trip may be, it’s important to stop and take breaks. Sitting on a motorcycle for long hours can lead to back pain and saddle sores, so be sure to stop frequently.

Residents of Utah, California, Nevada, and Colorado that are interested in learning more information about motorcycle insurance should contact M8 Insurance in Salt Lake City, UT.

Can My Children Drive My Boat?

Salt Lake City, UT residents who own boats and like to spend time on the water are often curious as to how old their children have to be before they can legally drive the family boat. The agents of M8 Insurance have the answers! They work diligently to keep up with Utah’s laws so they can provide the best possible advice to their clients. This is especially true when it comes to boating and other recreational activities.

Boat Safety Certification

In Utah, you must be at least 16 years of age and have taken (and passed) a Boater Safety Certification class that has been approved by the Utah Parks Department. When your child is driving the boat, they must have their certificate with them at all times. This allows them to provide proof of completion of the class if they are ever pulled over by a state DNR officer.

Always Know the Law

If you are unsure of what the laws are when it comes to boating in the state of Utah, call or visit your local DNR office. They can provide you with all of the information you need concerning boating safety and how you can do your part when it comes to sharing the lakes and other waterways with others. Always know the law and if you have questions, ask your local DNR officer.

At M8 Insurance, the agents serve the greater Salt Lake City, UT area. While learning the laws is essential, it is also important that you know as much as possible about your boat insurance and the coverage it provides. Call and speak to an agent today if you have questions!


Do I need more than basic motorcycle insurance

What could be better than getting on your motorcycle in Salt Lake City, UT and heading out to the open road? In the state of Utah, motorcycles are required to carry basic insurance. The requirements are bodily injury $25,000 for each person up to a total of $65,000 if more than two people are involved. Property damage coverage of $15,000 is also mandated. While PIP is not required on motorcycles, it is something you may want to consider since Utah is a no-fault state. These are the basic required coverages, but do you need more motorcycle insurance? Talking to the team at M8 Insurance can help you to decide.

If you have little or no assets then you may be perfectly happy and adequately covered by basic motorcycle insurance. But if you own a home or have other savings and assets you may want to consider increasing the amount of liability insurance that you choose to carry. Liability insurance can help protect you in the event that you are sued and incur both legal costs and the possibility of a judgment against you. 

If you have a newer motorcycle chances are that you have a loan and when you have a loan your lender will require that you have collision and comprehensive coverage.  Once the loan is paid off you may be tempted to go for the less expensive option of dropping collision and comprehensive. This means that if you have an accident where you are deemed to be at fault, the responsibility to repair or replace your bike will fall to you. Especially if you have a custom bike this could be a very expensive proposition.  

Why not stop in at the office of M8 Insurance in Salt Lake City, UT or give us a call. We know the laws in many states and also understand the benefits of full protection for the investment you have in your motorcycle. 


3 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Boat Insurance Over The Winter

When you’re fortunate enough to own a boat in Salt Lake City, UT, you want to make sure that it’s protected year-round. While you’re probably not going to go boating in the dead of winter, that’s no reason to get rid of your boat insurance. At M8 Insurance, we’re here to tell you why you should keep it.

Protect Your Investment

You want to make sure that your boat is protected. If something happens to it when it’s not in use, you want to know that you can call the insurance company and file a claim. This ensures that the insurance takes care of the details for you.

Avoid Out of Pocket Expenses

Even though the boat may not be in the water, it can still get damaged. It may get damaged while it’s in dry dock. Someone could vandalize it, and it may even get stolen.

If you get rid of your insurance policy in the winter months, you would be financially responsible for any damages – and this can add up to a significant amount of money.

Ensure It’s Protected Where It’s Stored

Since there’s no way of knowing what could happen to your boat in Salt Lake City, UT, the best thing to do is get a policy that covers all of the worst-case scenarios. Make sure that your policy is built so that it protects your boat wherever you choose to store it over the winter. Talk to your insurance agent about riders that can be added to the policy for further protection, too.

At M8 Insurance, we’re here to help you protect your boat in the winter, and all year long. Call us today to speak to one of our insurance agents. We’ll make sure that you know why you should have coverage throughout all 12 months of the year.


Umbrella Insurance is a Very Good Idea

Accidents happen in homes every day. Someone can unexpectedly trip and fall or break an arm. But, if there is a pool or a trampoline, the risk level for homeowners increases. Homeowners manage their risk with insurance policies so they can repair damages and have liability protection. Homeowners’ policies have caps to the amount that they will financially cover. When that is reached, the homeowner is responsible for any additional expenses. An umbrella policy provides additional financial protection when the other coverage is done. In the Salt Lake City, UT area, the agents at M8 Insurance will answer any questions that you have about your current policy and whether the protection of an umbrella policy is a good idea for you and your family.

Insurance, particularly umbrella policies, provide significant protection of your assets. Consider if someone were to slip and fall beside the pool breaking their leg. If you are found liable for the accident, you’re responsible for their medical expenses. If they pursue their right to sue you, you could be accountable for their legal fees as well. Your homeowner’s policy will cover these costs. However, if your policy only covers up to $250,000 and the costs are $400,000, you’ll have to pay the balance out of your pocket. An umbrella policy goes into effect when the underlying policy is exhausted. This is much needed financial protection when you most need it. They also provide coverage in cases of invasion of privacy, libel/slander, things other policies don’t usually cover.

The team at M8 Insurance understands that you need adequate coverage that you can understand but don’t want to over-insure. Call or visit us in Salt Lake City, UT today to get all of your insurance questions answered and a quote. Protect your home and family today!

What you need to know about flood insurance

Salt Lake City is a great place to live and own real estate. However, it is also a unique area that comes with some risks that may not be prevalent in other communities across the country. One risk that you can have is the risk of having your home damaged by a flood. There are several things that you should know about flood insurance when looking to mitigate against the risk of a flood. 

May Be Only Option for Coverage

One factor about flood insurance that many people do not understand is that it could be your only option for flood coverage. While you may have a great home insurance policies, certain areas of Salt Lake City that are located in a flood zone may not permit your insurance provider to give you coverage for flood damage. Instead, you will need to get a separate flood insurance policy.

Mortgage Requirements

Many property owners in the Salt Lake City, UT area will also find that it is required by their mortgage lender. A mortgage lender will always confirm whether or not your property is in a flood zone. If it is, your lender may require that you carry flood insurance. This will always be the case if you get an FHA loan. Most lenders will also escrow for it on a monthly basis. 

If you have a home in the Salt Lake City, UT area and think that you may need flood insurance, you should contact M8 Insurance to start the process. The insurance professionals at M8 Insurance will help you to better assess your situation to figure out if you need to get flood insurance. They can then help you to get into a policy that will give you coverage against the damage that can occur during a bad flood. 

Why owning a condo is so popular among retirees

Owning a home is a large part of the American dream, but as we grow older a house may become more of a burden than a comfort. If you are retired or nearing retirement age, you may be considering downsizing your living situation for a variety of reasons. The team at M8 Insurance is here to help all the residents of the greater Salt Lake City, UT area finds the right insurance to cover their home and belongings, whether it’s a house or a condo.

Condo living is popular among retirees

Condo living provides many social activities that retirees enjoy and helps them to feel less isolated after they stop working. There are a variety of different reasons that people downsize their home at or shortly before retirement, not all of them financial. If it has been your dream to travel the world, you will feel a lot better when you are away knowing that your condo is safe. Having a condo board that is looking out for the care and maintenance of your building allows for a lot of peace of mind than being away knowing that your house is sitting empty.

Retirees have more time to do fun things, and maintaining a home may not be something that they want to spend their time doing. Whatever the reason for your condo living, make sure that your condo insurance policy provides you with the coverage that is required to protect your home and valued possessions. 

Want to learn more about your options for condo insurance? Call or stop by the M8 Insurance office today and we can help you make sure that your greater Salt Lake City, UT area home has the protection you need to enjoy your retirement years!

3 Reasons to Reconsider Your Commercial Insurance Policy

Your commercial insurance is an important part of your business, even if you likely have a tendency to ignore it on a daily basis. But you may want to think about how your policy affects your business now rather than later on. M8 Insurance has been helping owners in Salt Lake City, UT get the coverage they need for many years, and we don’t want to see anyone left high and dry in the case of an unexpected event. 

1. Neighborhoods Change 

Neighborhoods aren’t static from year to year (or even month to month). Yet it’s not always easy to see the changes when you interact with the same location and street day after day. If your neighborhood is starting to see more crime though, you may want to increase your coverage to fit the risks. 

2. Business Interruption

Your commercial insurance policy may cover floods in Salt Lake City, UT, but will it cover your income if you have to close for several months for repairs? Business interruption insurance is there to provide you with income (based on past revenue) in case you’re unable to keep your business open. 

3. A Quality Partner 

Do you feel comfortable calling your business insurance company and asking questions about your policy? Do you know if you’ll get the right answers even if you do contact them? If you’re not confident in your insurance company, you may not be as proactive as you should be — which can lead to trouble down the road. 

M8 Insurance wants to help business owners get a grip on their policy, so they don’t have to fear the future. If you have questions or are thinking of changing or renewing your coverage, call today to get the answers you need. 

Is Collision Insurance Necessary If You Are Financing Your Vehicle?

The world of auto insurance can be complex and may require you to do some research and seek the assistance of an insurance professional to get the right type of coverage for your needs. Most people have many questions when it comes to understating coverage options and needs. If you are financing your vehicle, you may wonder if you need collision or just comprehensive insurance?

Collision Insurance Coverage

Collision insurance will either repair or replace your vehicle if you hit another car or object. This type of insurance is required by finance companies is you are making payments on your car. Collisions and comprehensive coverage are two different products that can be combined to create a solid blanket of auto insurance coverage. If you are unsure how much collision insurance you need, you can consult with your insurance agent and they will help you determine a number that is able to completely cover your vehicle. 

Protection You Can Count On

Always work with an establish and respected insurance agency with knowledgeable agents who can guide you through the process of securing the right type and amount of collision coverage. If you live in the Salt Lake City, UT area, you should consult with M8 Insurance to discover options that fit your needs and satisfy your obligation to your finance company. Having adequate protection is mandatory, but selecting quality coverage is up to the policyholder. Don’t be left with unnecessary financial obligations after an accident.

Get the peace of mind you need to know that you are covered in the event of a collision. Let the experts at M8 Insurance, serving Salt Lake City, UT residents, help you learn about their quality collision products and the terms and conditions of it are covered. Call or stop by today to speak with a representative to get answers to your questions or shop for a policy. 

What is covered by aviation insurance?

Many businesses use private, small aircraft in their operation. Individuals own small aircraft to fly for recreation or to travel by air without undertaking the hassle of using a commercial airline. In any event, these aircraft must be insured against both liability and damage. 

Aviation insurance covers most types of private planes, including vintage aircraft and even seaplanes, explains M8 Insurance, serving Salt Lake City, UT. Private aircraft owners are obliged to carry specific insurance because standard property insurance does not cover the types of legal claims that can arise out of owning and operating private aircraft.

No standard aviation insurance policy exists. However, private aircraft owners, whether a business or an individual, are obliged to carry liability insurance in case of mishaps, such as crashes or emergency landings. Such coverage would cover the injury or death of passengers and people who happen to be on the ground during a crash, as well as property damage.

An aviation insurance policy can also cover damage to the aircraft, whether while in operation or while stored in a hanger. Other costs that might be covered by a policy may include those incurred during an emergency landing and during a search and rescue operation if the aircraft goes down in a remote area.

What is covered by an aviation insurance policy and how much the premiums cost largely depends on what kind of aircraft is being insured. It should be noted that home-built aircraft tend to be more expensive to insure than those that are purchased.

For questions concerning aviation, coverage feels free to contact M8 Insurance, serving Salt Lake City, UT.